Back again

Yay, I have been able to get out and about with my handler. Yes, Due to this strange virus that you humans have been suffering from, I have not had much chance to exterminate the human race. It seems like you are trying to do my job for me.

Anyway, I was able to travel to Chester yesterday and meet the residents of an assisted living complex. George the main man, asked for me to be able to go along and entertain him and his friends for a couple of hours, and boy did that couple of hours fly by? With George, were his friends, Sam, Petra Anthony and Nicole (Who took some photos), and later came another friend Nicola. I did have fun exterminating them all.

No sooner did we arrive, than everybody knew we were there, George was so excited and made so much noise that all of the local residents must have been aware that something was happening. They didn’t know that I would be exterminating everyone who came within range though.

The reception we got was so good, and although I cannot understand emotions, my handler said that it was fun to be able to make someone’s day so much fun, just by being there.

George himself is somewhat at radio legend. He has a slot on BBC Radio Wales on a Thursday evening (approximately 11pm) whereby he chats to the host about all sorts of subjects. Recently he has waxed lyrical about my immanent arrival at their residential complex. He did say that he was going to tell the host all about my visit today, so I am looking forward to listening to that on the BBC Sounds app.

Nicole, one of the workers at the complex, came in on her day off to make sure that I behaved myself, and to take photographs as evidence that I had completed my mission of complete extermination, so hopefully, there will be some photos in the main web site soon that can be viewed, by Dalek Command, as well as anyone else who would like to see them.

I will sign off now, but keep an eye out for further additions as the convention season opens up and we are able to attend more events, as this virus thing you suffer from eases.

At Last

At last I have been allowed out and about.

With all of this Covid stuff going around, My handler has not been able to go out with me to conventions at all this year. We had only had a small gathering in March before all of this happened. Personally I don’t see the problem, Daleks cannot get Covid, but you puny humans suffer with everything.

However Weddings are currently being allowed with social distancing being observed.

Yesterday 12/08/2020, we were lucky enough and honoured to be special guests at the wedding of Emma and Ron.

They wanted a themed wedding, and what a theme. Well, a few themes actually. There were tables marked up with groups from Marvel, DC, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. The cake however was a representation of the bride and groom at the doors of the Tardis. Emma and Ron  were for a while,  dressed in costumes from Game of Thrones,

There was a visit from Bubba Fett, and Deadpool during the break between the Main course and Sweet course of the wedding breakfast.

While all of this was going on I was secreted behind screens and under blankets, with none of the guests aware I was even in the building. (you see, Daleks can be stealth). Colin, My handler had got me into the room and set up by 2:30pm, and this entertainment was going on around 6pm.

Imagine my surprise, when, whilst sitting quietly, Colin uncovered me, and I heard what I could only make out was the voice of The Doctor.

This awoke me and I was “released” into the room to try to locate him. A shocked audience awaited me and I found The Dr with little trouble.

After a short interaction, I had to concede defeat, (well it was his wedding day after all) and returned to my corner, where the rest of the guests came and had their photographs taken.

Unfortunately this was the first outing for a long time, and is likely to be the last for a while, but it was a very enjoyable day none the less.

See the web page for a couple of photos.


First outing of 2020

I’m not sure about fame and fortune, but my handler (Colin) took me out on Sunday 8/3/20, to a networking event in Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire. We were having a photo shoot at Infity Studios ( with Colin’s friends Steve Thewis and Kenny Partington; two very talented photographers.

Throughout the day, local business owners came in for a chat, and everyone was thrilled to have a photograph taken with me, Even the local Mayor, David.

Everybody who attended the day, was able to test Kenny’s tea making skills, and I am glad to say Colin was pleased to note, they improved as the day went on.

We had a visit from the “Tiny Timelord” Alfie, who cosplays as David Tennant. Alfie is a high functioning autistic boy and unfortunately, when he came into the studio, he became overwhelmed, as this was not a familiar environment for him. He had a bit of a panic attack and decided to postpone his next photo with me until we meet again in our adventures accross time and space.

When the day started to slow a little, Steve and Kenny took some photos against a dark background in order to edit them for Colin’s web site and new business cards. You will find these on the main site under the events tab. I am sure you will be very impressed with the outcome.

At least one of these will be going into the local newspaper, so as I said to start with; Possibly famous at last.

Rob’s Birthday

Well, would you believe it? At Retroplay, my handler, Colin was asked if he could take me along to a birthday party. I have never attended a birthday before so it was a exciting time for a dalek. Normally people want to keep us away from social events, so to be invited to go to one was, to say the least, different.

I arrived early so that I could greet the guests as they came in, and so that Colin could have a drink before we started.

Rob arrived on time in a stretched limo. Something in which I doubt I will ever travel.

Soon his guests started to arrive and before long, the party was under way.

Unfortunately, I was the only dancer on the dance floor for the most part, but it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves taking photos of and with me. I did get to lead the conga though. A line of humans following a dalek. Again, a very different experience.

I even got to “cut the cake” with my laser gun.

This, it appeared, was to be my last outing for 2019, so it was good to go out making sure someone was having a good time. (I can’t believe I said that as one of the most evil beings in the universe).

2020 promises to be a busy year for Colin. Driving up and down the country taking me to places, so that more people can be scared by me.

Keep reading and see wheat we get up to next year.

Hampshire Toy Fairs

Saturday 2nd Nov 2019 saw Me and my handler Colin in Gosport in Hampshire. This was Gosport’s first time hosting a Hampshire Toy Fair’s event.
The weather, and the fact that the rugby world cup final was taking place on the morning of the event, initially looked like the event was going to suffer but from the time the doors opened, the venue was busy.
Along with a few traders, some of whom we had met before, there were displays from Podpadstudios, guys we have met at nearly all of the events we have attended. They do great things with Steam Punk themes for all sorts of genres as well as providing vehicles for displays from many films.
There was a fellow dalek which was a screen used BBC dalek for sale at £15,000. Unfortunately for the owner of this, I had a lot more interest taken in me as I was able to “wander” about and scare lots of people as well as have my photo taken with children of all ages.
I have now got a new Dr Who signature. Simon Fisher-Becker, better known as Dorium Maldovar (Series 5 & 6 of Dr Who) as well as parts in BBC series, and many films (inc Harry Potter).
I even had an excited visitor come and see me, telling Colin that she had seen us only two days before in St Albans Cathedral, some 96 miles apart. That’s dedication lol
Well I think, that’s it for the year, but Colin likes to work me hard, so you never, know, you may still be able to see us somewhere soon.
Keep an eye out at

St Albans 31/10/19

Well, what can I say?
St Albans Cathedral, What a beautiful building. My handler Colin took me to St Albans to a Dr Who, A journey through Space and Time talk by a guy called Frank Danes.
Apart from the cathedral being worth a visit in it’s self, the talk was very informative, taking us through the history of Dr Who over the last 60 years. Basically, this was a short talk of Frank’s book.
I was able to exterminate many members of the public, both young and old, before the Bishop of St Albans (probably the only man with contacts more influential than Davros) came in and stopped us. Yes us, there were 3 Daleks but I was the only one who was able to wander about the whole cathedral. I was an unofficial security guard at one point, telling all in the gift shop that all “Shoplifters will be exterminated”.
I was also able to recruit at least one more of my fellow Daleks to attend The Gathering II, taking place this time next year.
Tomorrow we are travelling to Hampshire for a convention on Saturday.
Watch this space for an update on my year so far.


Sunday Sept 8th 2019 saw my handler (Colin), pack me up to go to Leighton Buzzard to show me off again at Retroplay. I did this event last year and it was a great day again. Retroplay collects money for local Leighton Buzzard charities, and this year it was collecting for Keech Hospice, a really worthy cause as I am sure many locals would agree.

As well as seeing many Star Wars characters, Harry Potter, Terminator, many cars from films, and many many more cos players, Colin met Sandi Bogle and Sandra Wilson from Gogglebox, What a pair they are, laughs all the way. We also saw the organisers of the Milton Keynes Film and Comic Con, a convention we went to earlier this year. They are organising next year’s convention and asked if I could take Colin along again. Hopefully I will be able to come as Colin may be abroad on that weekend. (We are hoping not as this year’s event was such fun).

Last year Colin learned a very valuable lesson as one of my batteries lost power half way through the day and so I spent a while being re charged. This year we had a spare battery so that problem was avoided.

I did however get one complaint from a disgruntled mother, who’s child I frightened so much that she couldn’t come in and see the rest of the convention exhibitors. Job done lol.

The dates aren’t set for next year yet, but you will see us there again.

Another day out

Well, Sunday 1st Sept took me and my handler to Corby in Northamptonshire.
There I went to the Northants & Leicester Sci Fi Show run by my handler’s friend Iain McDonald.
This is a small event but should grow, which we are all looking forward to.
As well as a few daleks there was a Cyber Man, and plenty of Star Trek and Dr Who cosplayers.
I got a couple more signatures, Barry Noble (original Cyber Man) and Nick Joseph (played many parts in Dr Who) so Colin has some work to do to varnish the signatures to make sure they don’t rub off lol.
As well as “playing” with the general public, we managed to raise a fair bit of money for a local charity by collecting donations for having pictures taken.
All in all, a good day out.

Year 2. Getting to know my way around now

The beginning of the year saw a couple of requests for my attendance. I went to the Hampshire Toy Fair’s Whovian 1 event in Totton in Hampshire in February. Again a very enjoyable event. A small venue packed with interesting stalls and people dressed as all sorts of Who based characters. Doctors of all shapes and sizes as well as the dreaded Cybermen, a few confrontations later, I came out on top. (you never doubted I would, surely).

All of these events were becoming expensive as my handler had to hire a van for each event just to get me there and back. Someone suggested he actually charged his expenses in order to attend. (Something up until then he hadn’t thought much about).

My handler got a phone call out of the blue one day and was amazed that it was from somebody asking for my attendance at The Brit Awards 2019 after party in February. What a night that was. Again Iain came with us and we had a great evening being photographed and chasing humans.

March brought about the world record attempt for the most Daleks in one place. The GATHERING. OMG I was in Dalek heaven. I met our creator Davros, (In fact there were two of them in attendance, Terry Malloy, and David Godderson, both of whom signed me). as well as almost 90 other Daleks, The previous record was 95 including 70+ people dressed in Dalek costumes. We gathered 87 with over 70 Dalek replicas and only a few costumiers. Morally we exterminated the previous record but Guinness said No. As well as signatures from Davros, Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor), His companion Nicola Bryant Barry Noble and Colin Spaul signed inside me too.

I was supposed to be at Bedford in april but these Humans seem to suffer badly with what I believe is called “Man Flue”.

June took me to a local venue, Milton Keynes Film & Comic-Con. The first event where my handler charged a small fee for expenses. A very good event considering the organisers had never put anything like that on before.

So to the most recent outing, St Albans. I was the only Dalek to be able to trundle about, but there was a static brother to keep me company. I was stationed by the main doors to the venue and quite often went outside to exterminate everyone who had gathered to see cos-players from a genre called Star Wars. (Not sure what that was all about. it will never catch on). I even got a new signature from Roy Scammell, a stunt actor with 16 Dr Who credits.

We have nothing to go to in August yet, but keep watching this space for more news.

My 1st year On Planet earth


Well I have been with my handler for a year now and a lot has happened, so I thought I would let you know what we have been getting up to.

My first “outing” with my handler was to the Northants and Leicester Sci-Fi Show with Iain McDonald who himself has two daleks. I hadn’t run into Iain before but as soon as I saw him, I instantly recognised his costume, I was sure I had come across the first Doctor. This was on Bank Holiday Sunday in August 2018. Unfortunately the day was a little washed out as it didn’t stop raining all afternoon, and it was an outdoor event.

Oh well, at least I got to scare a few humans, and of course exterminate one or two.

My next event was RETROPLAY in Leighton Buzzard in September 2018, where I teamed up with a couple of felow Daleks from Sons of Skaro, as well as a Tardis. This time we were inside so the weather was not an issue, however, no one could be exterminated due to us not being able to fire water because of the Health and Safety risk. (who cares about health and safety when exterminating humans?)

My handler was asked for a video of me (fame at last?) so he took me out to Milton Keynes where I was let loose on the general public outside of a place call Exscape. Unfortunately I think that the security team must have been a platoon from U.N.I.T. as I was asked to move on and my handler had to put me back in the van. Got a short video out of it but didn’t get a part in the Stoke Mandeville Comic-Con that time round.

Next was my first two day event, Rockingham here we come. Again it was an outing with Iain McDonald and one of his boys. I really enjoyed myself and was able to get a video of me in the tunnel under the race track, the sound and atmosphere really made me feel like I was back on Skaro.

That was it for 2018 and I had the rest of the season off to enjoy Christmas in the lounge.