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The beginning of the year saw a couple of requests for my attendance. I went to the Hampshire Toy Fair’s Whovian 1 event in Totton in Hampshire in February. Again a very enjoyable event. A small venue packed with interesting stalls and people dressed as all sorts of Who based characters. Doctors of all shapes and sizes as well as the dreaded Cybermen, a few confrontations later, I came out on top. (you never doubted I would, surely).

All of these events were becoming expensive as my handler had to hire a van for each event just to get me there and back. Someone suggested he actually charged his expenses in order to attend. (Something up until then he hadn’t thought much about).

My handler got a phone call out of the blue one day and was amazed that it was from somebody asking for my attendance at The Brit Awards 2019 after party in February. What a night that was. Again Ian came with us and we had a great evening being photographed and chasing humans.

March brought about the world record attempt for the most Daleks in one place. The GATHERING. OMG I was in Dalek heaven. I met our creator Davros, (In fact there were two of them in attendance, Terry Malloy, and John Godderson, both of whom signed me). as well as almost 90 other Daleks, The previous record was 95 including 70+ people dressed in Dalek costumes. We gathered 87 with over 70 Dalek replicas and only a few costumiers. Morally we exterminated the previous record but Guinness said No. As well as signatures from Davros, Colin Baker the 6th Doctor, His companion Nicola Bryant and Colin Spaul signed inside me too.

I was supposed to be at Bedford in april but these Humans seem to suffer badly with what I believe is called “Man Flue”.

June took me to a local venue, Milton Keynes Film & Comic-Con. The first event where my handler charged a small fee for expenses. A very good event considering the organisers had never put anything like that on before.

So to the most recent outing, St Albans. I was the only Dalek to be able to trundle about, but there was a static brother to keep me company. I was stationed by the main doors to the venue and quite often went outside to exterminate everyone who had gathered to see cos-players from a genre called Star Wars. (Not sure what that was all about. it will never catch on). I even got a new signature from Roy Scammell, a stunt actor with 16 Dr Who credits.

We have nothing to go to in August yet, but keep watching this space for more news.

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