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Well I have been with my handler for a year now and a lot has happened, so I thought I would let you know what we have been getting up to.

My first “outing” with my handler was to the Northants and Leicester Sci-Fi Show with Iain McDonald who himself has two daleks. I hadn’t run into Iain before but as soon as I saw him, I instantly recognised his costume, I was sure I had come across the first Doctor. This was on Bank Holiday Sunday in August 2018. Unfortunately the day was a little washed out as it didn’t stop raining all afternoon, and it was an outdoor event.

Oh well, at least I got to scare a few humans, and of course exterminate one or two.

My next event was RETROPLAY in Leighton Buzzard in September 2018, where I teamed up with a couple of felow Daleks from Sons of Skaro, as well as a Tardis. This time we were inside so the weather was not an issue, however, no one could be exterminated due to us not being able to fire water because of the Health and Safety risk. (who cares about health and safety when exterminating humans?)

My handler was asked for a video of me (fame at last?) so he took me out to Milton Keynes where I was let loose on the general public outside of a place call Exscape. Unfortunately I think that the security team must have been a platoon from U.N.I.T. as I was asked to move on and my handler had to put me back in the van. Got a short video out of it but didn’t get a part in the Stoke Mandeville Comic-Con that time round.

Next was my first two day event, Rockingham here we come. Again it was an outing with Iain McDonald and one of his boys. I really enjoyed myself and was able to get a video of me in the tunnel under the race track, the sound and atmosphere really made me feel like I was back on Skaro.

That was it for 2018 and I had the rest of the season off to enjoy Christmas in the lounge.

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