Sunday Sept 8th 2019 saw my handler (Colin), pack me up to go to Leighton Buzzard to show me off again at Retroplay. I did this event last year and it was a great day again. Retroplay collects money for local Leighton Buzzard charities, and this year it was collecting for Keech Hospice, a really worthy cause as I am sure many locals would agree.

As well as seeing many Star Wars characters, Harry Potter, Terminator, many cars from films, and many many more cos players, Colin met Sandi Bogle and Sandra Wilson from Gogglebox, What a pair they are, laughs all the way. We also saw the organisers of the Milton Keynes Film and Comic Con, a convention we went to earlier this year. They are organising next year’s convention and asked if I could take Colin along again. Hopefully I will be able to come as Colin may be abroad on that weekend. (We are hoping not as this year’s event was such fun).

Last year Colin learned a very valuable lesson as one of my batteries lost power half way through the day and so I spent a while being re charged. This year we had a spare battery so that problem was avoided.

I did however get one complaint from a disgruntled mother, who’s child I frightened so much that she couldn’t come in and see the rest of the convention exhibitors. Job done lol.

The dates aren’t set for next year yet, but you will see us there again.

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