St Albans 31/10/19

Well, what can I say?
St Albans Cathedral, What a beautiful building. My handler Colin took me to St Albans to a Dr Who, A journey through Space and Time talk by a guy called Frank Danes.
Apart from the cathedral being worth a visit in it’s self, the talk was very informative, taking us through the history of Dr Who over the last 60 years. Basically, this was a short talk of Frank’s book.
I was able to exterminate many members of the public, both young and old, before the Bishop of St Albans (probably the only man with contacts more influential than Davros) came in and stopped us. Yes us, there were 3 Daleks but I was the only one who was able to wander about the whole cathedral. I was an unofficial security guard at one point, telling all in the gift shop that all “Shoplifters will be exterminated”.
I was also able to recruit at least one more of my fellow Daleks to attend The Gathering II, taking place this time next year.
Tomorrow we are travelling to Hampshire for a convention on Saturday.
Watch this space for an update on my year so far.

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