Hampshire Toy Fairs

Saturday 2nd Nov 2019 saw Me and my handler Colin in Gosport in Hampshire. This was Gosport’s first time hosting a Hampshire Toy Fair’s event.
The weather, and the fact that the rugby world cup final was taking place on the morning of the event, initially looked like the event was going to suffer but from the time the doors opened, the venue was busy.
Along with a few traders, some of whom we had met before, there were displays from Podpadstudios, guys we have met at nearly all of the events we have attended. They do great things with Steam Punk themes for all sorts of genres as well as providing vehicles for displays from many films.
There was a fellow dalek which was a screen used BBC dalek for sale at £15,000. Unfortunately for the owner of this, I had a lot more interest taken in me as I was able to “wander” about and scare lots of people as well as have my photo taken with children of all ages.
I have now got a new Dr Who signature. Simon Fisher-Becker, better known as Dorium Maldovar (Series 5 & 6 of Dr Who) as well as parts in BBC series, and many films (inc Harry Potter).
I even had an excited visitor come and see me, telling Colin that she had seen us only two days before in St Albans Cathedral, some 96 miles apart. That’s dedication lol
Well I think, that’s it for the year, but Colin likes to work me hard, so you never, know, you may still be able to see us somewhere soon.
Keep an eye out at www.dalek-for-hire.co.uk.

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