Rob’s Birthday

Well, would you believe it? At Retroplay, my handler, Colin was asked if he could take me along to a birthday party. I have never attended a birthday before so it was a exciting time for a dalek. Normally people want to keep us away from social events, so to be invited to go to one was, to say the least, different.

I arrived early so that I could greet the guests as they came in, and so that Colin could have a drink before we started.

Rob arrived on time in a stretched limo. Something in which I doubt I will ever travel.

Soon his guests started to arrive and before long, the party was under way.

Unfortunately, I was the only dancer on the dance floor for the most part, but it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves taking photos of and with me. I did get to lead the conga though. A line of humans followe=ing a dalek. Again, a very different experience.

I even got to “cut the cake” with my laser gun.

This, it appeared, was to be my last outing for 2019, so it was good to go out making sure someone was having a good time. (I can’t believe I said that as one of the most evil beings in the universe).

2020 promises to be a busy year for Colin. Driving up and down the country taking me to places, so that more people can be scared by me.

Keep reading and see wheat we get up to next year.

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