First outing of 2020

I’m not sure about fame and fortune, but my handler (Colin) took me out on Sunday 8/3/20, to a networking event in Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire. We were having a photo shoot at Infity Studios (https://www.studioinfinity.co.uk) with Colin’s friends Steve Thewis and Kenny Partington; two very talented photographers.

Throughout the day, local business owners came in for a chat, and everyone was thrilled to have a photograph taken with me, Even the local Mayor, David.

Everybody who attended the day, was able to test Kenny’s tea making skills, and I am glad to say Colin was pleased to note, they improved as the day went on.

We had a visit from the “Tiny Timelord” Alfie, who cosplays as David Tennant. Alfie is a high functioning autistic boy and unfortunately, when he came into the studio, he became overwhelmed, as this was not a familiar environment for him. He had a bit of a panic attack and decided to postpone his next photo with me until we meet again in our adventures accross time and space.

When the day started to slow a little, Steve and Kenny took some photos against a dark background in order to edit them for Colin’s web site and new business cards. You will find these on the main site under the events tab. I am sure you will be very impressed with the outcome.

At least one of these will be going into the local newspaper, so as I said to start with; Possibly famous at last.

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