At Last

At last I have been allowed out and about.

With all of this Covid stuff going around, My handler has not been able to go out with me to conventions at all this year. We had only had a small gathering in March before all of this happened. Personally I don’t see the problem, Daleks cannot get Covid, but those puny humans suffer with everything.

However Weddings are currently being allowed with social distancing being observed.

Yesterday 12/08/2020, we were lucky enough and honoured to be special guests at the wedding of Emma and Ron.

They wanted a themed wedding, and what a theme. Well, a few themes actually. There were tables marked up with groups from Marvel, DC, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. The cake however was a representation of The bride and groom at the doors of the Tardis. Emma and Ron  were for a while,  dressed in costumes from Game of Thrones,

There was a visit from Bubba Fett, and Deadpool during the break between the Main course and Sweet course of the wedding breakfast.

While all of this was going on I was secreted behind screens and under blankets, with none of the guests aware I was even in the building. (you see, Daleks can be stealth). Colin, My handler had got me into the room and set up by 2:30pm, and this entertainment was going on around 6pm.

Imagine my surprise, when, whilst sitting quietly, Colin uncovered me, and I hear what I could only make out was the voice of The Doctor.

This awoke me and I was “released” into the room to try to locate him. A shocked audience awaited me and I found The Dr with little trouble.

After a short interaction, I had to concede defeat, (well it was his wedding day) and returned to my corner, where the rest of the guests came and had their photographs taken.

Unfortunately this was the first outing for a long time, and is likely to be the last for a while, but it was a very enjoyable day none the less.

See the web page for a couple of photos.

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