Back again

Yay, I have been able to get out and about with my handler. Yes, Due to this strange virus that you humans have been suffering from, I have not had much chance to exterminate the human race. It seems like you are trying to do my job for me.

Anyway, I was able to travel to Chester yesterday and meet the residents of an assisted living complex. George the main man, asked for me to be able to go along and entertain him and his friends for a couple of hours, and boy did that couple of hours fly by? With George, were his friends, Sam, Petra Anthony and Nicole (Who took some photos), and later came another friend Nicola. I did have fun exterminating them all.

No sooner did we arrive, than everybody knew we were there, George was so excited and made so much noise that all of the local residents must have been aware that something was happening. They didn’t know that I would be exterminating everyone who came within range though.

The reception we got was so good, and although I cannot understand emotions, my handler said that it was fun to be able to make someone’s day so much fun, just by being there.

George himself is somewhat at radio legend. He has a slot on BBC Radio Wales on a Thursday evening (approximately 11pm) whereby he chats to the host about all sorts of subjects. Recently he has waxed lyrical about my immanent arrival at their residential complex. He did say that he was going to tell the host all about my visit today, so I am looking forward to listening to that on the BBC Sounds app.

Nicole, one of the workers at the complex, came in on her day off to make sure that I behaved myself, and to take photographs as evidence that I had completed my mission of complete extermination, so hopefully, there will be some photos in the main web site soon that can be viewed, by Dalek Command, as well as anyone else who would like to see them.

I will sign off now, but keep an eye out for further additions as the convention season opens up and we are able to attend more events, as this virus thing you suffer from eases.

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